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The logic of [a Christian’s] position is that since [Jesus] makes sense about what they do understand, he can be trusted on what they don’t. This isn’t ‘blind faith’; it’s more like ‘half-seeing faith’, which is the kind of faith we always have in teachers whom we’ve good reason to trust. Since they make sen... View Quote

Although people follow Jesus throughout the Gospels, the apostles writing the New Testament letters never talk of ‘following’ him. Perhaps the letter writers simply wanted to avoid any confusion. Gospel followers physically walked with Jesus, a practice that became impossible after his departure. If first-century people had been encouraged t... View Quote

When Christians are gentle, others can start to doubt their muscular systems of vengeance. When Christians are joyfully hopeful, others may doubt their despair. When Christians are lavishly generous, endless practices of acquisition are destabilised. When Christians are graceful, it becomes possible to loosen the bonds of self-improvement.<... View Quote

Single people offer a glimpse of this kind of society. THey’re harbingers of an aspect of heavenly community, because they’re not constrained by family boundaries of genetics and kinship. They show how care and intimacy an go beyond family boundaries. They nudge members of families out of the introverted obs... View Quote

God has made children to be magnificently subversive: they overwhelm the most elaborate defences of the most selfish adults.

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In the heat of [the moment], we have only the who of our identity in Christ. ‘I seek honesty.’ ‘I don’t do slander.’ ‘I’m going to stay pure.’ ‘I’m here to care.’ ‘I want to be just.’ In these moments of emergency, who we are is our first datum about what to do.

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